Out of anxiety..?

As the semester comes to a close so does my little "experiment" of trying out different methods to relieve anxiety. However, my story does not end here! Although I wish I magically didn't have anxiety anymore, it takes more than just a few weeks of experimenting to completely get rid of it. Probably a combination... Continue Reading →


Gratitude conquers all

Even though Thanksgiving ended over a week ago gratitude is something that we all should practice throughout every day. Apparently, there is a link between gratitude and anxiety. It can reduce it through many ways by just changing the way you think and look at the world. So, for my last method I decided to... Continue Reading →

Creative outlets do the trick

  Ahhh, Netflix... one of my favorite distractions. Also, my go to source when I need to do a little procrastinating but that's for another time. Anyway, Netflix or television in general is a great way for me to take some stress/anxiety off and it's what I do at the end of a long week.... Continue Reading →

Spontaneity against anxiety

At it's core, anxiety is essentially the fear of the unknown and not being in control of your life or what's going on around you. Of course, it's practically impossible to control absolutely every aspect of your life and it wouldn't be such a good thing. A characterstic that someone with anxiety can possess is... Continue Reading →

Weekend of relaxation

As a college student life can get very overwhelming, especially when you already have the burden of anxiety piled on your everyday life that is already filled with assignments being due for every class, an exam a day, and don't forget to eat! For me, this week was just like that. I was feeling super stressed for no... Continue Reading →

Halloweekend Anxiety

Social anxiety is something that comes creeping in whether you want it to or not, even on special, fun days like Halloween. In this case, I'm more specifically referring to Halloweekend which is basically a Rutgers students' favorite weekend. It consists of drinking, dancing, and dressing up while going party to party for the entire... Continue Reading →

Friends make it all better

To deal with it alone or not alone... One very important thing about dealing with anxiety is that although it induces states of isolation, being alone is not always the best answer. I'm a pretty introverted individual who's always up for alone time and doing my own thing. However, studies show that "social" time or... Continue Reading →

Detox the mind

  Social media is like a never-ending hallway with endless doors, and opening one just entices you to open the next. Specifically, this is how I see my favorite app, Twitter. One minute I'm taking a two-minute break from homework, and before I know it two hours have passed with nothing on my paper... Now I'm mad... Continue Reading →

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